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Ap Sennon is sent to determine if humans can interact with the organisms there that are the size of continents; but along the way, he realizes that the planet is engaged in warfare and other problems send his mission awry. Eon was published in and takes place 30 years in the future. When a team of American scientists and theorists are close to figuring this information out on their own, Olmy Ap Sennon kidnaps a member of the team and learns about the impending fate of Earth. In Eternity , the impact of nuclear warfare leaves Earth desolate. In the first book, Private William Mandella fights light years away against the alien enemy.

When he returns back to Earth, he thinks only two years have passed, but because of the space-time continuum it has actually been decades. He and the other soldiers find it difficult to adapt to all of the changes that have occurred since they left. They all go back to space combat, and each time they return, centuries have passed on Earth.

In the concluding novel in the series, Forever Free, Mandella finds himself choosing to spend time in Middle Finger, which is a partially frozen planet, so he can be with Marygay and his family. When outside forces request his genes in order to further evolution, Mandella and his family must escape…but the repercussions change their lives permanently.

Fans of sci-fi and romances featuring star-crossed lovers will become enthralled with this series. In the first book in the series, the Cold War-era conflict between Russia and the US escalates through time travel. The US is behind Russia with their technology, so they send along someone that they can afford to spare if everything goes wrong—Ross Murdock.

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Throughout the book, Murdock is sent back in history—from Britain in B. The series chronicles multiple time travelers and the conflicts that arise when they change the past in an effort to better the future. When he his mission goes awry, he ends up on the planet Plinry, where he must reform the Blackcollar force, which consists of genetically mutated beings trained for guerilla war.

The series explores the possibility of other universe-dominating life forms, while also tackling the very human themes of loyalty, strength, and fortitude. The plot of the series originates from the battle between the Arisians and the Eddidorians billions of years ago, which is detailed in the prologue book, Triplanetary. The Arisians created a powerful new breed of people through a eugenics project, which brings the action to modern-day Nevia.

A planet far away from Earth, Nevia is quickly running out of iron—which is needed to sustain the amphibious race. The Nevians set their sights on Earth with technology powerful enough to retrieve iron from anywhere—even from the blood of humans. The fate of humanity rests on his shoulders.

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In the other books in the series, the Lensman are the heroes—men who maintain order in Arisia by fighting outside attacks. They are noble, well-trained, and are willing to die for the Arisian people. From intergalactic drug trafficking to space pirates, there is no shortage of sci-fi conflict in this series that spans the course of time and the universe.

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The introduction of new characters still feels familiar since they are the offspring of your favorites from the previous novels. Be it a Hugo or Nebula, every novel in this three-book series is an award winner. In the first book, The Fifth Season, Essun comes home one day and discovers that her husband has murdered their son and kidnapped their daughter. The same day, their empire, Saze, falls, and the majority of its citizens are killed. And to top it off, a physical tear in the continent leads to the downfall of ash with no end in sight.

Essun determines that she has only one thing left to live for, and that is the safe retrieval of her daughter, who she will get back at any cost. The trilogy follows generations of characters over two hundred years living on Mars. Robinson explores the idea of Mars being a utopia when compared to Earth. The first book, Red Mars , details the colonization process on Mars in , and the relationships between the settlers and the science of terraforming the area are major focuses throughout.

In Green Mars, terraforming takes root fifty years later and the colony begins to become self-sufficient. Warfare breaks out when natural disasters wreak havoc on Earth, leading to the culmination of conflict in the final book in the series, Blue Mars. The intricacies of modern societies, like education and healthcare systems are established on Mars and the issue of inter-planet immigration is explored.

Hari Seldon is a mathematician who spends his time researching psychohistory the combination of history, statistics, and sociology , which can be used to make predictions about future human behavior patterns. When he is called to a trial to testify on the legitimacy of his studies, he reveals that he believes that his society will soon fall and there will be 30, years of unrest before another empire is created. He convinces the board to let him study the best minds in the empire and create a collection of human intelligence.

The Tears of Things (New Breed, #1)

By doing this the empire will still fall, the fallout will only last 1, years. Seldon is sent to another planet with these minds in order to complete his work—a place called Foundation. But soon the group finds themselves in danger, and in order for the best minds to remain safe they must pit the other planets against each other. The first book of the trilogy takes place in on Earth. Petey then runs towards the corkscrew slide. The robot, frustrated, shoots a missile one final time. The missile follow the curvature in the slide and pops out the opposite end, shooting the robot in the head and obliterating it forever.

Scum informs the mayor about the incident and drives to the police station, asking Dog Man to stop Petey.

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He runs around, sniffing him out. Dog Man attempts to bite him, but Petey just sprints away. Petey then teases Dog Man about the fact that he will never find him because he's never washing off the spray. Dog Man then gets a good idea. He jumps in a nearby baby pool and shakes his body to fling the water everywhere.

The droplets lands on Petey and wash off the spray, allowing Dog Man to arrest him. Dog Man gets rewarded for arresting Petey again. The other officers ask Dog Man to give a speech, but due Dog Man's lack of speaking English, he decides to show a video of the mayor talking with Dr. The mayor is then arrested and taken to Mayor Jail for the rest of her life.

A week later, a new mayor arrives. The mayor decides to appoint a new chief. Dog Man snatches the cap out of his hands and gives it to Chief.

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Now Chief is receives his old job back, and everything turns out normal. Note: This chapter is about an older comic that George and Harold made. It does not relate to the present events in Dog Man. Petey sits in his cell sad, contemplating how Dog Man always gets the best of him. So Petey escapes by sending a big cat onto the seesaw, flinging Petey out of the jail, and now he has to find out how Dog Man is smart enough to capture him. He sneaked to his house, to find Dog Man reading a book.

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Petey grabbed his smartometer to check, reading 'Smart'. Petey now comes up with a plan to make people stupid. He tests it on a book, and it erases all the words in it. So Petey tests it out more on stop signs, bookstores, schools and libraries.

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Soon, Petey attaches his invention to an airplane and erases all the words in every book in the world. Two weeks later, according to the smartometer, the world becomes 'Supa Dumb'. Petey wants to see how stupid they became, so he goes to the car lot.

He demanded for a car, while the manager was talking about his cat having 'eleventeen puppies' and his mother 'who is five years old'. So Petey takes a car, waving goodbye to the manager. At the bank, Petey gets 'free' money and at the electronics store he gets a 'free' flat-screen TV. Meanwhile, the police are doing stupid things. A police officer runs to Chief saying someone pooped in his office. Chief calls Dog Man who goes to solve the mystery. But he can't solve the crime. Petey is having trouble too, as all the T. His car is ruined thanks to his mechanics literally filling up the car with petrol.

He can't even live well in his lab because his butler is stupid.