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In The Shadows of Death: A Detective Agni Mitra Thriller by Sourabh Mukherjee

Selfish, yes. All those may result in evil acts being committed, but very few people set out actively to do evil. As someone once said, everyone has his reasons. But the books do suggest that very, very occasionally, we may encounter acts or individuals so depraved as to suggest a deeper, darker well is being drawn upon.

The abyss stares back.

I suspect it emerges through a fascination with folklore and the uncanny, and a comfort with letting rationalism—which is the basis of detective fiction—blend into anti-rationalism, which is the basis of supernatural fiction. I see them as complementary, rather than the antithesis of each other. I think, too, that the process of hybridization interests me, the possibility of creating or enhancing new sub-genres. We imagine, we create, and it becomes part of an ongoing tale. All rights reserved. Love Audiobooks?

Looking for something specific? Thanks for visiting my site! I hope you find it interesting! Your privacy is important to me. Read the privacy policy here. Read the Cookie policy here. I hope you find the site useful! Thanks - Joanna. And could the Spanish really write fiction worth exporting? In retrospect, it is not hard to see why the book did so well. The introduction to the next generation of favourite works has an underlying procreative nature that is pleasurable for both the inquisitive child and the seasoned adult seeking to pass down what they have long treasured.

The novel also evokes in the reader a species of return to that youthful moment where fiction is magical and close to our personal world. There is indeed something supernatural about the experience, at least for Daniel, who does not so much find The Shadow of the Wind as the book finds him. If nothing else, this suggests why the novel did well abroad. Also crucial to the commercial potential of The Shadow of the Wind was its capacity to become the quintessential Barcelona novel.

By contrast, The Shadow of the Wind has it all: the book is a highly appealing potboiler; it provides readers with some light historical context about the Civil War, and paints it as an old and secret-laden place whose key locales may still be visited in the present day. The Shadow of the Wind walking book tour, purporting to take readers through the locations in the novel, still exists today and remains extremely popular link below.

This much is obvious from the many references in his writing to sensational novels. The Civil War was not the main subject of the first two books in The Cemetery of Forgotten Books either, but rather a backdrop of destruction, loss and fear that echoes the mood of the city and of its characters. And yet, like a ghost or cursed Gothic legacy, the war haunts and pervades all events.

Police officer Fumero, an irredeemable murderer and mercenary, turns out to be the real monster in The Shadow of the Wind , not the apparently resuscitated Carax. Unsurprisingly, the book is set just on the brink of the Civil War. With the exhumation of the remains of Franco himself having been approved this August, it seems that Spain is finally coming to a tipping point regarding the legacy of silence left behind by the Civil War. The younger generations, affected by the war in less direct but equally lasting ways, seem ready to unearth the past, both physically and politically.

For if the first two novels only skirted around the Civil War, The Prisoner of Heaven and The Labyrinth of Spirits have been much more heavy-handed and specific in their respective treatments of the subject. The dead bodies opened their eyes and climbed the walls, following him. The horrors here are those of the war; the spectral and the real cold bloodied hands.

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It is a haunting picture for a narrative that often presents the past as a matter of bare survival, which is, in fact, how the war has often been described by its survivors. One of the main themes of The Prisoner of Heaven is precisely how the crimes of the war were measured according to different moral codes from those used before and after it. Until recently, Spain has seemed reluctant to answer this question, much in the same way that it has resisted the sanctioning of the crimes committed during the war or the repealing, against the recommendation of the United Nations, of the amnesty law established by the Pact of Forgetting.

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Instead, reviewers have torturously returned to ossified debates on style or the literary merits of the bestseller. With The Labyrinth of Spirits , the various imbricated stories begun 17 years ago come together, and the book cycle finally draws to a close. The spirits of the Spanish Civil War, on the other hand, remain particularly restless. I am certain there will be many more literary attempts to articulate the silences and shadows of the Spanish past, and the Gothic and mystery modes — with their interests in what lies beneath, repressed or unacknowledged — will continue to make perfect fictional negotiators.


Forgotten books: 17 years since ‘The Shadow of the Wind’

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