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The article presents the results of a unique states survey that examines the root causes of the problem.

Unexpectedly, the survey uncovers that the problem does not stem from statutory gaps, as previously assumed, but from deep system failures, access to information challenges, and lack of coordination among governing agencies and organizations. Faculty Scholarship at Penn Law. Advanced Search.

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Privacy Copyright. When dozens or hundreds of emails are sitting in a queue, you need to know in real time what is being dealt with, what is on deck, and what still needs to be assigned or evaluated. Real-time status is crucial.


Make sure your email management system gives you access to at-a-glance status reports. That way, if someone is drafting a reply, you can easily see that someone is on it. If an email needs to be assigned to a team member, you want to be able to see that it still needs attention.

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When using department email addresses or other general email addresses, it can be useful for the entire team to have access. That way, no one point of contact is the sole gatekeeper—helpful when someone is swamped with other duties, for example, or out of the office and off email.

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Each team member should have their own unique login, too, so managers can know at a glance who has read or replied to a shared email. Having multiple people logging into department inboxes with the same credentials is a recipe for messy, suboptimal communication with your customers.

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  • No matter how many email addresses you are responsible for, efficient sign-ins are needed. If you only deal with a couple of accounts, that may not be a big deal, but constantly switching between multiple accounts can be a demotivating productivity sapper. His duties require him to manage two email accounts, which he prioritizes based on email volume.

    The other address, I only check on my laptop. Beyond one or two email addresses, switching accounts can become unwieldy. Having all your email accounts in one place can help you seamlessly and quickly review each account, reply to emails, and manage, archive, and delete.

    Email accounts in one place can be more effective and efficient for you and your entire team. After all, writing a solid email the first time can decrease the odds that you have to have spend time writing back and forth to clear things up. Read on. The criminals of this standard often fall between the cracks because neither are their crimes so severe that they are incarcerated nor are they accepted as any other person in the society.

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    The chef was so caught up with the broth that he let the salad fall between the cracks. I am not willing to let this subject fall between the cracks because my major is something else. I'd like to earn good scores for both of them. In the aviation industry there is very little that can be afforded to have fallen between the cracks. After the terrible earthquake the hospital was over crowded with injured people and most of them were falling through the cracks.