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All of these bills have the same, singular purpose: to make it up to the Supreme Court. The sponsor of Alabama's pending abortion bill, Representative Terri Collins, openly said that the bill's goal was to spark litigation that would force the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Anti-choice legislators speak with alarming candor and their intentions are very clear. They want to take away all control pregnant people have over their own bodies.

Sixty percent of abortions are are performed by independent providers in our country, according to a Abortion Care Network report, and advocates on the ground are doing incredible and often thankless work.

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Groups like SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective are fighting for the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy. The Abortion Care Network is another organization working to ensure meaningful access to abortion care across the US through independent abortion providers. AL Dem. Organizers on the ground across the Midwest and South have been working for decades at the state level. These advocates and organizations rarely receive the national attention they need to significantly move the needle, not just to defend against harmful legislation, but to actually move proactive legislation that supports our communities.

We need everyone to be engaged in this assault on our reproductive rights. We must collectively reject these restrictions on our basic human rights and dignity in every way that we can. This flood of anti-abortion legislation is completely outrageous and an equally bold response is required. And, so, we call on all people whose rights are in danger to participate in a SexStrike.

Laws restricting abortion rights and access are a targeted attempt to erase decades of hard-fought gains for women's autonomy. A SexStrike is another way for people who have the potential to get pregnant to call attention to this systematic onslaught and assert the power to change our own destinies. Wade Lysistratic protest is a longstanding, effective and empowering method to fight for change.

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In the s, Haudenosaunee Iroquois women refused to engage in sex as a way to stop unregulated warfare, and their demands were met. In , activists in Kenya organized a sex strike to force an end the deteriorating relationship between the President and Prime Minister. The strike lasted seven days, and ended when the leaders finally agreed to talks.

In , Colombia women used a sex strike to get a dangerous mile road repaired. When utilized as part of a broader strategy of coordinated action, sex strikes can raise awareness and achieve a wide range of political objectives. This is just one tool available in the fight for reproductive justice and abortion access -- we must also support the organizations and individuals working courageously on the front lines by supporting them. Supreme Court blocks restrictive Louisiana abortion law At its heart, these attempts to wield control over sex come from a desire to reassert total control over our bodies and our reproductive rights.

But really, it's about power.

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Whoever controls reproduction has power. The stakes are extremely high, and a number of lawmakers, many of whom are men, get to make decisions with serious ramifications. We need to pay attention to the incremental challenges to abortion rights and figure out how to resist them both collectively and individually.

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Abortion access is not just a "women's issue. Abortion is a labor issue. Abortion is a public health issue. Abortion is an issue for people of all genders. Stay up to date Already signed-up?

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